In todays show we are talking with Navjot S Pawera and Henny Swan from Opera software. The Topics cover Opera Unite, Accessibility and Web Development.

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Guests from Opera

  • Navjot S Pawera, Product Manager at Opera Software:

** Twitter

** Website

  • Henny Swan, Web Evangelist at Opera Software:

** Twitter

** Website

Questions about Opera Unite

  • What actually is Opera Unite and what can we do with it?

** Will it be standard in future releases of the Opera desktop browser? Will there be a standalone version?

** How does Opera support external developers, plugins and extensions?

  • Let’s talk about security! It seems to me that communiation is routed through Opera servers. What about privacy?

** A lot of people don’t like to entrust their personal data to third parties. This goes especially for sensible data!
It doesn’t seem to be a „decentralized“ service, if all communication go through Opera server!?

** Some of Opera Unite’s terms are discussed by the internet community. E.g.: Terms that give Opera full rights of the shared content. This seems rather unpleasant.

** What does Opera think about copyright issues? There is no dought about the fact that people will try to use such a service for illegal activities! Will there be any filters or something else?

  • How much power will the Opera Unite services need? E.g. it doesn’t seem appropriate to replace your common webserver through Opera Unite, as PCs are usually not build to cope with heavy traffic etc. Can Opera Unite be routed to a running webserver on your local machine?
  • Do you see any special advantages for small web-deceloper companies or freelance web designers in using Opera Unite?
  • Where do you want to go with Opera Unite? What are your future plans?
  • Do you see Opera Unite as an attempt to raise Opera’s browser market share?

Questions about Accessibility/WebDev

  • How is Opera helping making the web more Accessible?
  • What can the developers do?
  • What is Opera doing besides developing a Browser?

Links mentioned in the interview

  • Opera Unite – share files by running a server from the comfort of the browser.
  • Opera Developer Network – articles, blog posts, tools, tips and resources for developers.
  • ODIN blog – news, views and presentations from the Opera Developer Network.
  • Opera Labs – a showcase of technologies for tomorrow.
  • Opera Web Standards Curriculum – tutorials in standards-based Web design, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript development.

Thank you Henny for this link list.


Nice Henny Swan Quote: I’m relieved you didn’t hear my dog snore at the start: had to throw a stuffed top at her to get her to wake up!
Navjot: was terrorised by a wasp, but it didn’t stay to give comments…

Remarks for our listeners

Technikwuerze is regulary a german podcast about web standards and will be published every week with a new episode. If you wish to listen to more content from us in englisch, plese drop us a line at twitter.

Das Interview haben wir in englischer Sprache geführt. Eine Übersetzung ins Deutsche ist nicht geplant.

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  • macx
    am 29. Juli 2009, 15:02 Uhr

    manually entered trackback to My Opera Social Network

  • Yoan Blanc
    am 29. Juli 2009, 16:12 Uhr

    Le terms and conditions changed but not enough imho: “By uploading Content to Opera’s site, you grant Opera an unrestricted, royalty-free, worldwide, irrevocable license to use, reproduce, display, perform, transmit and distribute such material without charge on Opera’s web sites. You also grant Opera the right to modify the content if such modifications are necessary for the content to run on Opera’s platform.”

    In other words, your work can be resold to anyone without your consent and without giving you any compensation.

  • Schepp
    am 30. Juli 2009, 08:30 Uhr

    Thanks to you four guys for holding this Q&A-Session. I would think there isn’t much controversial stuff to comment about or links/infos to add. It was more of getting an insight into what Opera is doing, and it underlined the fact that Opera is there as an important player and working on pushing the envelope.

    I think pretty anyone listening to Technikwürze-podcast will agree to the points made during the web-standards talk held with Henny. Interesting to hear from Navjot about Unite, thanks for that! Looking forward into where it will develop towards.

    I’d like to see (um…hear) such english language interludes more often should the language help us getting more such qualified people in front of a microphone.

    Also I could listen to Hennys british English for hours… :)

    Thanks again and regards!

  • Marcus
    am 30. Juli 2009, 08:54 Uhr

    I love the term “street html”!

  • macx
    am 30. Juli 2009, 09:09 Uhr

    Thanks for your comment. We are planing more shows with international guests.

  • Navjot Pawera
    am 30. Juli 2009, 09:27 Uhr

    @Joan: Small clarification, it seems you misread the ToS. It does say: “.... to use, reproduce, display, perform, transmit and distribute such material without charge on Opera’s web sites.”

    We try to make it clear that we are going to distribute your services without charging for it (from the developers or the users who download and install these services). In other words, these services will be free to download for everyone.

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